Processing checklist


 Processing Checklist

  • Is data in a compatible format or will it need conversion work done? (Excel, Text Delimited, MS Access are most common).
  • Will data be provided via email, CD or labels? Does a list need to be rented? (give us a call!)
  • Are all pieces folded or will our lettershop need to fold any pieces? What is original size of piece and what does it need to be folded too?
  • Is this a flat size piece or a letter size piece?
  • Does piece require tabbing? How may tabs? Does piece include staples?
  • If mailing an envelope, what size is it and how many inserts are there and what are they (return envelope, brochure, business card, etc)?
  • Will this require inserting by hand?
  • Are any inside pieces personalized? Is a window envelope being used?
  • Does mail piece have proper clearances for using a bar code?
  • What type of paper is used (coated 1 side, 2 sides, matte, offset)?
  • Will mail piece have a preprinted permit or will it need a stamp?
  • Do leftover pieces need to be returned?
  • Do you need a copy of the mailing statement?
  • Will postage be in place in time for mailing schedule?
  • Is client permit being used or is lettershop permit being used?
  • If client is a non-profit organization are they authorized at the post office being mailed from to mail at non-profit rates (permit not required)?
  • Is sufficient time allowed for the lettershop to complete the mailing?